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Food and Fellowship

Our meetings for Food and Fellowship will begin again in September


First Day School is available for children during meeting for worship on Sundays.

During the summer months it may be feasible to be out of doors with the children.  Knowing of this possibility may help you to be prepared with hats and sunblock!

yonge st meeting

Friends in Canada will be gathering in Winnipeg for Canadian Yearly Meeting beginning 9th eighth month, 2014.  We will be holding everyone in the Light as they carry out the business of Quakers in Canada.  Safe Journey for everyone.

With gratitude to the Samuel Rogers Memorial Trust for their generous contribution, a new cedar shake roof is being installed.  Work commenced on 29th seventh month and the crew expects to have the work complete by 5th eighth.  The workmen are from the Mennonite community in Mount Forest and they have expressed great interest and appreciation for the method of construction of the meeting house.  It seems very appropriate that the Quaker community is getting assistance from another one of the Peace Churches.

The spring thaw of 2014 brought unexpected flooding to the lower level of the meeting house.  Restoration has been completed and we are pretty much back to normal.

Archaeologists at Hicksite Cemetery

Archaeologist at Hicksite